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Black Thunder Racing NZ was founded for Street Modified Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing and also modified/stock Motor Cycle Land Speed Racing.

2012/2013 will see the ZX14's running at various events at NZDRA Drag Racing events and participation in a number of shows and promotions cumulating to Land Speed Racing at Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA in August 2013.

Black Thunder Racing NZ

Kawasaki ZX1400 – Owner/Manager/Rider - Alan Thoresen

Introducing: Alan Thoresen

Alan Thoresen turns 57 on 4th of July 2012 and has been a motorcycle enthusiast all of his life and raced motorcycle circuit and street racing in his earlier years. His first Drag Racing success was back in 1973 riding a Kawasaki Z1 900 running 11.89 secs in the 1/4 mile at Bay Park Raceway.

He returned to Motorcycle Drag Racing in 2006 year and had a very successful first season, coming Second overall in the NZ Drag Association (NZDRA) Points Series for Modified Bike, along with a number of successive wins and places throughout the season. In subsequent years he has had many successes in his Drag Racing taking out the Number One Title for the NZDRA Modified Bike in 2008 /2009 with the runner up title in the previous and later years as well as resetting the NZDRA Modified Bike Record Numerous times since 2006 up to and including the 2011/2012 season. Alan has finished the latest season reclaiming the NZDRA No 1 Title in modified bike on the Kawasaki ZX14 Black Thunder.

Alan also races his Kawasaki ZX14 on the Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah, USA, chasing a Land speed Record. He has raced at Bonneville Speed week in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and now plans to return in 2013, running in the Modified Partial Stream Line Category.

Alan has been involved with Aviation in the past, in engineering, flying and management, and has worked in the Recreational Vehicle and Marine Industry. Formerly General Manager of NZ's largest Importer and Supplier of RV and Marine Appliances, parts and Accessories, for eight years, he now works in Hamilton, consulting in the RV Industry, and as a Director/Owner of Violet’s Coffee @ Pit Lane in Hamilton.


Alan is racing as a privateer under "Black Thunder Racing NZ".

There are many people that work extremely hard behind the scenes of the Black Thunder Racing NZ Team.

Alan's wife Violet is the PR Manager and Transport Driver. She also Drag Races a Kawasaki 250 Ninja and holds the 250cc Record in NZDRA Modified Bike.

Neil Powell is the Chief Mechanic for Black Thunder and Andy Goodridge is the assistant Crew Chief.

DR Design are the Web Masters who have done an excellent job of updating and modifying the web site. They will be updating the web site with news and progress daily from Bonneville, if all our communications systems work okay from the Salt Flats.

Each person is an important part of the Team that makes certain Black Thunder runs and moves smoothly though out the Drag racing Season, The Land Speed Racing at Bonneville and other special events.
The name Black Thunder came about from a combination of:

"BLACK" – The New Zealand National Colour

"THUNDER" – (a) The motorcycle will roar like "Thunder" at top speed.
- (b) Alan's surname THORESEN is Norwegian and means Son of Thor, THOR being the God of Thunder.

Hence the name Black Thunder Racing NZ came to be known