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Aug 4 A reasonably early start saw us around at Chuck Deguvara's house (Violet's brother), where both Black Thunder's ZX-14 and Dean's Hayabusa, "The White Elephant", were unpacked after their journey to Las Vegas.

Black Thunder needed a few small jobs done on it after its journey to the USA, and Dean's Hayabusa Special "The White Elephant" needed a little more work, particularly in the electrical areas.

We erected the Black Thunder EZY UP and began to carry out the tasks needed in the very hot and dry heat.

The day had soon gone as we ran around trying to get my Nitrous Oxide bottles filled. We were dismayed to find out that the proprietor of the NOS at the Fast and the Furious, had passed away suddenly and they were no longer doing NOS fills.

We called and saw Steve and his lovely lady at Las Vegas Dynotec who were as friendly as ever, and he advised me to go to SO-CAL on the other side of Vegas to get my fills of NOS. We motored over to SO-CAL wheer we met a team of really friendly people, and had my NOS bottles filled in no time.

Back to Chuck's house where we called it a day.