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Aug 11 Dean Veale ran his back up run for the A-G 1650cc Record on his Hayabusa Special Construction bike named "The White Elephant" but missed out on his record by half a mile per hour... Unfortunately the track conditions on the short course were not as good as the previous day, and traction became an issue for most competitors.

Alan Thoresen ran his Kawasaki ZX-14 "Black Thunder" on the same short course and also suffered traction problems with a speed of 188.530mph which was down on his run the day before of 198.080 miles per hour.

Both Alan and Dean elected to run on the Special Course and found far better traction and as a result Alan ran his best speed of 198.702 mph at a density altitude of 6277ft, and Dean again managed to qualify for his record class at 197mph against a 191mph record. The "White Elephant" has gone in to impound tonight and will run first thing in the morning to back up his record attempt.

The Black Thunder Team will be trying some new variables to look at pushing the speed of the Kawasaki ZX-14 up closer to the record of 214mph.

Alan Thoresen who rides the Kawasaki ZX-14 is from Hamilton, New Zealand and is aged 54. The Black Thunder Team consists of Alan Thoresen, Violet Thoresen, - Team Driver and PR, and Andy Goodridge from Te Awamutu who is Crew Chief for 2009.

Dean Veale who rides the "The White Elephant" is 44 Years old and is from Kaukapakapa, north of Auckland.